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Staying healthy throughout Winter.

We know that with the change of seasons, it can take us a little while to adjust ourselves to the weather and also the foods that we should eat in order to keep our immune systems in PRIME condition! 

Here are some easy tips that will help keep you and your loved ones healthy until our splendid Summer comes back around:

  1. Don’t neglect your exercise routine in the winter. Exercise helps to strengthen the immune system by increasing the number of white blood cells produced this helps our bodies fight colds and flus. 
  2. Garlic. Rich in allicin, fresh garlic is bursting with both antiviral and antibacterial properties making it an ideal ingredient in winter meals. Remember that taking a garlic supplement also helps to cut the risk of colds and flus by half. So, start cooking!
  3. Lots of Zzzz’s. When it’s cold and rainy, all we want to do is curl up in bed for that extra hour listening to the rain falling outside. Don’t feel guilty! Sleep has been proven to support our immune system and also aid in weight loss and management- so getting that extra hour or two is just what the doctor ordered! (University of New York*)
  4.  Cleanliness. Research has shown that especially throughout Winter, its important that we keep our hand hygiene up to scratch. We recommend that you spend at least 20 seconds to soak and lather your hands when washing… the extra few seconds will go a long way. 
  5. Germ Fighters. Did you know that foods such as mushrooms help to increase the white blood cells in our bodies? Winter in the perfect time to start preparing those delicious heart meals packed with yummy ingredients just like this to help keep up immunity. Ps. Red Capsicum has twice the Vitamin C of oranges, so throw that in too!!! 
  6. Herbal Teas. Our favourite double agent is our very own “Herbal Beverage”- by Herbalife. This magical powder form is the solution to not just one but a few of our health focuses in Winter. Green Tea based and thermogenic, not only does this delicious tea help us keep hydrated (even more so than just drinking plain H2O!) but it also help to burn 80 calories with each cup! TIP: Add fresh mint or lemon and give your digestive system a nice kick start in the morning!
  7. Supplementation. In this day and age, our western lifestyles have us engaging in numerous activities which aren’t ideal for ‘dynamic health’.. ie. smoking, drinking, high stress levels, food preservatives and pollution. So, because of all these things, our bodies struggle to perform at the rate in which they should and fail to absorb the nutrients from the food that we ingest. Therefore it is important that we supplement our bodies so that we are feeling our best and giving our best to our bodies every day! (Why not contact us and ask us how we can help you to feeling fuller, more energised and not to mention… DYNAMIC!) 
  8. Chase the sun. A lack of Vitamin D in our bodies has been proven to decrease the effectivity of our immune system and therefore puts us at a higher risk for bacterial infections and flus. TIP: Take a walk in the sun, spend your weekends shopping outdoors or get off the bus just a tad early and walk to work 🙂 
  9. Flu Protection. Prevention is much easier to access these days in comparison to what it was years ago. Speak to your GP or your health promotions team at work and organise a Flu Jab. Its simple, quick and can save you lots in terms of sick leave and time at the doctors. 
  10. BE HAPPY. It sounds like some airy fairy advice but it is THAT SIMPLE. Studies have shown that those with depression, anxiety and other mood-altering conditions are exposed to a higher risk of colds and flus. Carnegie University in Pittsburg conducted a study which showed that those who have less stress in their lives have stronger immune systems and are less likely to get sick. So, keep laughing, exercise (happy endorphins) and have fun with your loved one.. it all counts! 

Until next time guys & girls… make sure you send us any questions you’d like us to answer!! 

Neda & Chad



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