Fennel. Why eat it?


If you’re not a fan of that aniseed flavour, ingesting fennel will be that much harder for you- but once you read this, you’re going to want to do whatever you can to like the taste! READ ON to discover the numerous health benefits of this gorgeous vegetable. 

If you’re already familiar with Fennel, you will know that it has multiple purposes and is used around the world in the form of seed, oil and the bulb-vegetable. 

You can purchase fennel-bulb (vegetable) at your supermarket or fresh food market, its relatively well-priced at roughly $1.69 per plant- it is available quite readily throughout the year. 

Health Benefits of Fennel

  • Fennel is a low calorie vegetable, has little to no cholesterol and is generous in its fibre content. 
  • The fennel bulb s known to be a wonderful source for vitamins and minerals that are known to contribute to optimum health.
  • 100g of fennel bulb is equivalent to 20% of your daily Vitamin C (RDI) needs. 
  • They’re a great source of Potassium too- 100g is known to produce 9% of your daily recommended intake. Potassium deficiency has lead to fatigue, irritability and hypertension. 
  • Fennel is an excellent aid to menstrual disorders– Fennel is also an Emenagogue, i.e. it eases and regulates menstruation by regulating hormonal action properly in the body.
  • Fennel is diuretic and therefore helps our bodies to increase the amount and frequency of urination- aiding our bodies to eliminate toxic substances from our system and promoting a healthier you and reducing rheumatism. 

Thats just to name a few of the general health benefits!

There are certainly some more specific health benefits to ingesting fennel, fennel seed or using fennel seed oils- some of the most common uses are to manage or reduce the symptoms of:

Diarrhoea: Due to the of the components of the essential oils in fennel such as Anetol, their disinfectant and anti-bacterial properties aid in curing diarrhoea. But the amino acids not only aid in digestion but also help the proper functioning of the digestive system! 

Respiratory Disorders: Fennel is useful in respiratory disorders such congestion, bronchitis, cough etc. due to presence of Cineole and Anetol which are expectorant in nature, among their many other virtues.

Constipation: Fennel seeds, particularly in powdered form, act as laxative. The roughage helps clearance of bowels whereas the stimulating effect helps maintain the proper peristaltic motion of the intestines, thereby helping proper excretion.

Flatulence: Fennel is most popular as an anti flatulent, due to the carminative properties of Aspartic acid found in fennel. Its extract can be used in right from the infants to the old, to cure flatulence and to expel gases from the stomach.

Indigestion: It is a common practice, particularly in Indian Subcontinent, to chew fennel seeds after meals. This is done to facilitate digestion and to keep bad breath away.

(Thanks to our friends at Organic Facts.net and Nutrition & You) 

Here is a recipe that we absolutely love- perfect for a late night snack or to accompany a meal! Try it- and let us know what you think of it!


1 whole fennel plant 

1 whole lemon

2 tbsp EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

Salt to taste



  1. wash and chop fennel including stem and leaves- chop fennel into cube like pieces
  2. add EVOO and allow to sit for a minute 
  3. add lemon juice and salt- allow to sit
  4. mix ingredients together and add further salt if needed (not too much!)
  5. ENJOY!!! 

Delicious bloat-free fennel salad! 

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